Model Theory Wiki Mirror

This is a mirror of the former Model Theory wiki on, which was a small but decent reference for various model-theoretic facts. At some point between March 16 and September 2, 2023, the wiki was deleted, probably as a result of a number of spam pages that had been added to it. It was too late to recover the wiki by the time this was noticed, but thanks to the valiant efforts of the Internet Archive, the vast majority of the wiki was saved.

As a (hopefully) temporary measure, I have processed these pages into a rough but readable form here. At some point I think we should make an effort to make a new, more fully fledged model theory wiki.

Unfortunately almost all of the authorship information and edit history seems to have been lost. I believe that technically this material is still under the CC-BY-SA license of the original wiki.

Author: James Hanson

Created: 2023-09-03 Sun 23:00